Meet the ‘Amateurs’

An English couple who have been based in The Middle East for the past three to four years have decided to pack up… or should we say backpack up and have bought themselves a one way ticket to Bangkok with vague plans to see as much of Asia as their budget will allow.

This blog has been created to collect their memories first, share their story with friends and family second and to entertain and inspire people that haven’t fallen into the second category… yet.

Meet Steve ‘The Pessimist who doesn’t plan’ 

meI’ve always spoke about travelling as something of a hobby/interest and I’ve been lucky to see a number of countries with the job I just left in and around the Middle East but in all honesty I haven’t really travelled Independently… much…well… at all.

My name is Steve and I am an AMATEUR.

Meet Michelle ‘The Planner’

After four years in the Dubai ‘bubble’ it’s now time to get back to reality and remind myself of what life is like for normal people in the rest of the world. Anybody who has lived in or visited Dubai will know what I mean!

I wish I could say that the next year of my life will be spent spontaneously visiting countries and cities that I know nothing about, but not knowing where I will be from one day to the next is not really in my nature!

Of course, despite my extensive late night research for the past 6 months (while Steve’s asleep) I’ll let him believe that we’re just ‘going with the flow.’

I’m so excited about this new adventure, but I’m most worried about living out of a backpack and living on a ridiculously small budget for an entire year as travelling light and budgeting are not two of my strong points!


6 responses to “Meet the ‘Amateurs’

  1. Nice try for an amateur wannabes. Enjoy and missing you Sir Steve. Wish u both lifetime happiness and God bless.

  2. I Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. Wish you and mishell All the best……

    • Thanks Faisal, I don’t think our trip will take us to Saudi but with a bit of Luck you’ll be in India the same time as us and we can meet up!

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