Bangkok’s China Town

Coming from London I think our expectations for Bangkok’s China town were slightly presumptuous….

There were no ornate red doors guarding the entrance to a small street, like the one i know in London. China town in Bangkok seemed to be wrapped around a busy four lane road with most of the places to eat sat in the street. There were actual establishments inside that had “FULL A/C” (in the 35 degree heat)  but it seemed all the locals were sitting outside and the food looked and more convincingly smelt amazing.

Being the Amateurs that we are we decided not to settle for the first place we saw and walked further on into “China Town” (down the road) and came across a “FULL A/C” restaurant that had a counter of steamed dumplings guarding the entrance. We were hungry… we might have got a little lost at this point… and decided to share a steamed pork dumpling to “Keep us going”.

IMG_0029For lack of a better collaboration of words this was a party in my mouth. I hadn’t actually enjoyed these dumplings before, but this was so tasty,  so sweet, so amazingly… think I’ll stick to a Party, a celebration of the taste buds that I instantly thought  this would be the first of what we are calling “Food Porn”. I took my camera out and before I had time to press the trigger Michelle presented me with the picture to the left… it was that good, I forgave her. After a little sulk.

We walked towards the end of the road that instantly went dark as soon as we escaped the radiation from the illuminous neon lights, and like two little kids we scurried back to the first place we saw at the start.


We decided to sit at T & K’s Kitchen and was presented with a menu that I am still trying to convince Michelle is worth trying. Sea food. Michelle’s enemy. Has she tried it? No, but she definitely does not enjoy sea food… somehow.

Michelle opted for the fried rice with crab meat, adventurous on her part. So I had to up the game and went all out on what was simply labelled “Sea food Tom Yum Soup”. The first bite into a mushroom resulted in a pain that started at my ear lobes, a strange sensation, by the time I finished the mushroom Michelle could see something was not quite to my taste, it could have been the colour of my face, a suffocating red or the fact I was shoveling as much rice into my face as humanly possible.

Michelle must have read my book on’ how to survive anything’ and remained calm through the arm flapping and tears of her wounded dinner date and spoke to the lady who served us who without a batter of an eye lid to the credit of T & K’s Kitchen, replaced the inferno in a bowl with something I could handle.

It wasn’t the easiest meal I’ve eaten in Bangkok, navigating my way through the soup, fish bones and Michelle’s face as she winced, gagged and flinched at every spoonful but it was certainly one of the tastiest.




3 responses to “Bangkok’s China Town

  1. I actually cried some tears of laughter reading this – just imagining Michelle’s face eating seafood. Brilliant. Love Danny x

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