Krua Apsorn

Thirty two out of a hundred perhaps wouldn’t be the score you’d be hoping to hit in a test. But when you add the title of best place to eat in Bangkok, then thirty-second best place IN THE WORLD might not actually be too bad after all… and it was something we had to find out ourselves.

For those who struggle with map reading (like us), Din So road actually runs on both sides of the roundabout and the understated, modest, if not a little shy Krua Apsorn can be found on the OPPOSITE side to McDonald’s.

I’m under the illusion that if locals eat there it’s going to be good (we will see where this mantra takes us throughout the trip) and as foretold by The Observer K.A was very busy with happy (if not a little tubby) Bangkokers… Bangkokeans?… Local peoples.

Pictures speak louder than words. Or something like that.


Crab with curry Paste

We actually took the advice from the reporter on the article (that was on the reverse of the menu) a little too far and ordered what he always does when he comes to K.A following along sheepishly/adventurously. You can decide which adjective to use. Having learnt the true meaning of Thai Hot in China town a couple of evenings earlier I was relieved to be asked how spicy we would like our food.

Love heart rice

Love heart rice


Mixed Mushrooms


I like to do a little research on what I’m doing…. ok, well Michelle does and she came across a few reviews that commented that it didn’t live up to its reputation. For us at this point we were more than satisfied. I imagine the neigh sayers must have eaten at the top thirty-one restaurants in the world before coming to Bangkok… I digress.

What struck me was how fresh the crab was, what struck Michelle was how they made the rice into a heart shape, but we both agreed it was worth the blind eye to our budget. I went a step further and tried to explain to the waitress that it was a ‘party in my mouth’… she left the table nodding and smiling; leaving Michelle shaking her head and hiding.

At this point we were pretty much full, but excitement had taken over at the start of the meal (the menu part) and we continued to follow this now wise and wonderful reporter for the Observer into the depths of gluttony and ordered the King fish with mango and lime.

King fish with mango and lime

We pushed through the capacity barrier, released the top button of our shorts and devoured. It was not quite as fresh as the crab, it being fried may have been the reason or the fact that we were actually forcing ourselves to eat it as we were so full. The peanuts were also a great compliment to the soft fish.

What did we learn as Two Amateurs? When something comes in at thirty-second place, it will be worth it and that despite those who have eaten in the higher placed establishments belittling the modest and elusive venue, bottom line is……. Krua Apsorn serves great food.

If you’re in the area GO!, the staff were great and the food was gorgeous.

We’re heading back to Bangkok on the way to Ayutthaya and we hope to pop back in. Can anyone else recommend a dish for us to valiantly try out? – If not then we would happily eat the same thing twice.


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  1. It seems that you are on food expedition …. post something on the culture heritage or may be daily lifestyle of local ppl 🙂

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