*Update* First Stop…Bangkok

Sorry we haven’t really written anything yet about where we’ve been and what we’ve actually been up to, but by the end of the day when we get back to the hostel we are generally knackered and therefore have tried to keep you as much in the loop as possible with all of our photo albums on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/twoamateursgobackpacking?ref=hl

Just to give you a quick insight into our trip so far…..We spent our first three days in Bangkok and to be honest we were not exactly blown away by Thailand’s capital city. Maybe we made a mistake booking a hostel directly next to Khao San Road. For those of you that have ever been to Bangkok you know that this is a backpacker haven with nothing but bars, cheap street food (I know sounds good so far) and touts trying to sell you a suit or drag you to the nearest market stall! We can’t complain though, Khao San Road delivered everything we expected it to…..


IMG_5823The street we stayed on Soi Rambuttri was more our kind of thing (and to be honest rescued our previously negative thoughts of Bangkok), still with loads of bars and restaurants, but a little bit more low-key, with live music and less of the annoying people trying to sell you shit you don’t want. Soi Rambuttri has been labelled by many as ‘Khao San Roads more attractive and behaved brother’. Our hostel Sawasdee House was great, definitely a nice start to our trip! Comfy bed, great outdoor decking area with a bar and restaurant and a Shisha cafe just opposite us! What more could we ask for??  I will be writing a separate blog on all hostels and guest houses that we stay in for any of you that are planning a trip away in the future.

IMG_5838Knowing that we would be coming back to Bangkok a few times during our trip we decided to take it quite easy and just roam around and get a feel for the city. On the first day we literally did just that. We were jet lagged and the humidity of Bangkok was hard to adjust to. We walked down the famous Khao San Road and had a look through the hundreds of markets, we grabbed food and a beer at our hostel and had a seriously early night to prepare for some major sightseeing the next day.

On our second day, we wanted to wake up at a reasonable time and so set our alarm for 8am, although unknowingly, I had stupidly changed Steve’s watch back to Dubai time (while sleepily checking the time in the middle of the night). After waking up and getting ready we were politely informed by a Tuk Tuk driver that it was actually 12pm and therefore half of our day had already been lost to sleep! oops!

IMG_0018Anyway this polite local guy then went on to inform us about what we can now describe as ‘The Great Scam of Bangkok’ which Steve will update you on later. Without much of a plan we ended up having a great day seeing lots of Bangkok, from the comfort of our Tuk Tuk, shaded from the relentless heat.

On our final day we decided that after seeing so many temples the previous day we would venture out to the Siam Shopping district, where we strolled through two of Bangkok’s major malls Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery. Even after coming from Dubai where we were used to shopping around Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates we were still very impressed.

We finished our third night in Bangkok in Krua Apsorn, a restaurant on Din So Road recommended by both the Bangkok Times and the Observer in the UK, here is the link to the blog which Steve has already written. https://twoamateursgobackpacking.wordpress.com/2012/12/25/krua-apsorn/

On our fourth day we were up bright and early for our journey to Kanchanburi, we spent 6 days in this sleepy riverside town just cycling around and exploring the historical sites (again blog coming later)

We returned to Bangkok yesterday to see the main temples that we had missed out on the first trip and I’ll write later about Temples, temples and more temples!!

It is safe to say that after thirteen days we have now taken to the travelling lifestyle pretty well after a somewhat rocky start…………………

IMG_0096  IMG_6620


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