Night markets – How to eat on the cheap

We got to Kanchanaburi limping from the gaping wound in our pockets left from Bangkok and decided to eat on the cheap in a night market.

We have quickly learnt the sight of a local is a positive one and the night market in Kanchanaburi was certainly a sight to behold, but we were hungry and the view of locals grabbing their own food and knick knacks was not what we were here to do, we were here to eat.

I can’t quite decide if our first taste was safe or reckless.

In the red corner fighting for the word “Safe” was the Chicken and rice weighing in at a measly 10 Baht and in the blue corner stood a small polystyrene box filled with some chicken and rice that cost the equivalent of 20p… clearly representing the word reckless, audacious or just plain asking for trouble.


Chicken and Rice

I’d gone as far as purchasing the 20 pence load of food and decided to go all the way and opened the bag full of some kind of soya sauce/chilli and most predominately air concoction onto my meal and it drastically improved the otherwise bland taste that sat below. Despite the most encouraging faces I could muster Michelle pulled a face of contempt and threw the bag of “Flavour” in the bin.

Five minutes later and a few more attempts at not looking stupid in a hat I hadn’t felt the slightest twinge to die… this was a good sign and I started to feel invincible. I then purchased what I will call for the purpose of this story “Squid on a stick”.


Squid on a stick

Well what else could I have called it? I ordered one stick for 7 Baht… ok maybe invincible wasn’t quite the word I should have used but despite my “confidence” to order the squid I think the actual guy at the stall scoffed when I just ordered just one piece, a guy next to me ordered five for himself and what ever bravado that just took place and clearly put me at the bottom of it all.

Michelle didn’t follow along with the squid, so the next move placed all eyes on her… try to guess what exotic chow Michelle opted for…



…Corn. She even pushed the boat out and had a little butter.

I then had what was promised as “Carrot Juice” for an expensive 20 Baht and although I physically saw the carrots being blended before my eyes I didn’t actually know what the lady at the stall was blending my carrots with. To cut a pointlessly long story short about half the cup was syrup, the drink was way too sweet and all that seemed missing from this drink was bubbles and a can from which to drink it from, not something you would expect when you opt for the “healthy” option.

We then ended with a traditional Thai delicacy that Michelle had been looking forward to as soon as she spotted them at the entrance to the market… the infamous DOUGHNUT.

For the entire three course meal (for two people) we spent a whopping 77 Baht = 1.54 GBP

And a lot of bloody fun = Priceless.


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