Kanchanaburi – VN Guesthouse


Guesthouse Name and Address: VN Guesthouse, 44 Rongheeb Oil Road, Muang, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Contact Details: Phone: +66 34 514082 Email: vnguesthouse@hotmail.com

Contact Person: Tod (he speaks very good english and was extremely helpful)


Us and Tod

Room Details: Double Room with air conditioning, en suite bathroom with hot water and cable TV, there are also raft houses available (same price) directly on the water, which were beautiful (if you don’t mind not having flushable toilets and being surrounded by mosquitoes)


Bedroom in VN Guesthouse


Bathroom in VN Guesthouse


Raft houses at VN Guesthouse

Price per night: We paid 400 Baht for this room in end December and there were even cheaper rooms (250 Baht) if you could forgo the a/c and hot water but all rooms had private bathrooms.

Amenities: VN Guesthouse had a beautiful decking area where they served food and drinks all day and it was the perfect location to watch the sunset. They also provided free WiFi, a laundry service, bicycles and mopeds as well as transfer buses back to Bangkok.


Pro’s of VN Guest House
◦ The view from the restaurant
◦ The staff – Very good English speakers and they were very helpful
◦ The food was great, even though slightly more expensive than neighbouring street restaurants the portion sizes made up for it!
◦ The Free Xmas Buffet that was provided
◦ Free WiFi
◦ Location – Bicycle and Moped hiring
◦ Minivan service from Guest House to most destinations in Thailand (Good Value)


Our Dutch Xmas Family


Our Xmas Day Feast

Con’s of VN Guest House
◦ Noisy Neighbours – Building a Guesthouse next door
◦ Beds – two singles pushed together instead of one double and there were no covers (we had our own sleep sheet)
◦ Holes in the bathroom walls (air vents), no protection from the mosquitos

Marks out of 10:  8/10

Would we stay there again?

Yes, hell yes! Great location and great value for money


2 responses to “Kanchanaburi – VN Guesthouse

    • I am glad you found it helpful : ) We really recommend Kanchanburi, it has been our favourite place to visit so far and VN Guesthouse completed the package for us! Watching the sunsets from their restaurant was the best part of everyday! Feedback to us if you do go x

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