Ayutthaya – Moradok Thai Guesthouse


Guesthouse Name and Address: Moradok Thai Guesthouse, 6/12 Rojana Road (a.k.a Rochana Road), Phatuchai, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Contact Details: Phone: +66 086 6145702/ +66 036 243342

Contact Person: Tomsey (the funniest land lady ever…even though she could NEVER remember our names!)

Room Details: Double Room with air conditioning and en suite bathroom with hot water. There was a cute little table and chairs in the room perfect for when we were working on the laptop!


Bedroom at Moradok Thai Guesthouse


Bathroom at Moradok Thai Guesthouse

Price per night: We are not exactly sure what we paid for the room as this was included in the package with TIT, however we did talk to one couple who were paying 500 Baht for their room. Their were 8 rooms in the Guesthouse and I believe they were all either double or had 2 or 3 single beds in but all had private bathroom and hot water.

Amenities: Moradok Thai Guesthouse was the perfect location for exploring all the historical ruins, easily within walking distance to Wat Mahatat. They also provided free WiFi, a laundry service, bicycles and mopeds at the standard hiring price but most importantly Moradok Thai Guesthouse had the funniest, friendliest (even if sometimes inappropriate) landlady we have come across on our travels so far. If you’re up for a good PARTY then Moradok Thai should be your destination.

Pro’s of Moradok Thai Guest House

  • Free WiFi
  • Laundry Service
  • Location – Walking distance to historical park and great food market – ‘Dear Steak’ serves great Steak and salads for 39 Baht!!

Dear Steak

  • 24 hour reception
  • Staff – Tomsey alone sold it for us (especially Steve) but all the staff were very friendly and had pretty good English.
  • Bedroom and Bathroom were great size and very comfortable
  • Only 8 rooms – Quiet but great atmosphere
  • Bicycle and Moped hire available

Tomsey was so cheeky… she had a thing for all the boys!


Tomsey and Steve’s drinking competition


Guests at Tomsey’s ‘Party’

Con’s of Moradok Thai Guest House

  • There weren’t many negatives about this place apart from a slightly confused Tomsey telling us the trains to Lopburi left every 20 minutes yet when we arrived we had to wait for an hour and a half… Luckily there was a place serving full English Breakfasts within walking distance to the station!

Marks out of 10:  9/10

Would we stay there again?

Yes – Definitely, even if just to come and say hello to Tomsey! We had a very enjoyable three nights here and would definitely recommend Moradok Thai Guesthouse to anyone looking to stay in Ayutthaya.


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