I think there is a level of responsibility for any idiot that opens a WordPress account and calls themselves a blogger (myself included). An example could be that a blogger writes a negative post about a certain restaurant that was having an “off day” and a lot of people read the post. That restaurant might lose a lot of customers, it may even go out of business.

Bearing this in mind and in the knowledge that we have only nine or so people following us on Wordpress and eighty-one people that have liked us on FaceBook I can safely ignore the beginning of this post and have a jolly good old-fashioned whine about Lopboring… On no wait that’s Lopburi.

Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand to quote the good book (Lonely Planet), combine this fact with a Sunday day in Thailand (when everything is shut) and you have a day with “The Amateurs” in Lopburi.

Lonely Planet writes with such enthusiasm of the “Town overrun with Monkey’s”. We had been doing ruins for a good couple of days and excitement was just what the doctor ordered so we jumped on a train for a little over an hour (which takes little persuasion on our part, train journey’s in Thailand are amazing and you get to meet a lot of locals) got out the station turned right after some poor map reading (I’ll blame Michelle) and walked into “Monkey Town” to not actually see any monkey’s.

It was a Sunday, so after walking five minutes down a barren road full of closed shops we eventually saw our first monkey. Sitting there. Weighing us up. Seeing what we had. It was his face that made me decide to not even take out my camera for the entire three hours we stayed in the town. He had shifty eyes and reminded me of my younger siblings but Michelle felt immediately at home and bravely whipped out her camera. I use the word bravely quite loosely as she squealed for the first 40 minutes.


We had spoken to lot of people and many had experienced these monkey’s in other parts of the world and had stories of hats, sunglasses and bags being stolen even camera’s. We experienced first hand what these little Fagan employed tearaways were interested in when a Thai Lady on a presumed short visit bent down to stroke one “Cutey” with her child in her other arm. The artful dodger (as I have named the monkey for point of reference) just lifted his arms for a cuddle and as soon as the lady fell for the guise the artful dodger took the bottle from her child and a tug of war ensued with the mother.

Luckily we were at hand… to take a photo. Before you judge, the gentleman companion did even less.

IMG_6761We got to the main ruin where the number of Monkey’s was abundant and the “Block” around the ruin was indeed rife with the little pickpockets and resembled pretty much what Lonely Planet had promised.

A positive on the ruin was that it was actually quite beautiful and you can go inside and see the monkey’s at a closer and more importantly safer distance (well through iron gates).



Lopburi is closed on a Sunday but apart from the ruins and Monkey’s there is a local market around the back of the temple where you can pick up some great food. We had pretty much done the town in just over an hour but continued to walk around in search of something interesting. There are more ruins and a museum of sorts but after doing a few days of temples and ruins perhaps our timing wasn’t the best for this little town.

It’s only an hour on the train from Ayutthaya and if you do find yourself curious and more importantly have the time to go to this town then go for it, if time is a little scarce then we would advise you to stay on the train and head onwards with your trip.

However if it is a Sunday and Loburi is close by then you would be mad to miss these little gems of a find in the market and my favorite thing about the town.IMG_6780


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