Sukhothai – Vitoon Guesthouse


Front Entrance of the New Building

Guesthouse Name and Address: Vitoon Guesthouse, 49 Moo 3 Jarodvittiong Rd, Old City Sukhothai, Thailand

Contact Details: Phone: +66 055 697045

Room Details: Double Room with air conditioning and en suite bathroom with hot water. Cable TV but No WiFi


This bed may look lovely and inviting but it was the hardest bed in the world!


Bedroom in Vitoon Guesthouse


Bathroom in Vitoon Guesthouse

Price per night: We are not exactly sure what we paid for the room as this was included in the package with TIT. There are two completely separate buildings for the fan rooms and a/c rooms. We didn’t go into the Fan Rooms ourselves but have heard that they really weren’t very nice and for 300 Baht it is worth paying for an a/c room in the newer building.

Amenities: Vitoon Guesthouse was the absolute perfect location for exploring all the Central Zone of the Historical Park, it is literally right on your doorstep. Unfortunately there was no WiFi in the Guesthouse however they did have a few computers where you could use the internet for 30 Baht an hour and just two minutes away there were plenty of cafe’s and restaurants offering free WiFi. Vitoon offered a pretty good reasonably priced breakfast, a laundry service, bicycles and mopeds at the standard hiring price.


My beautiful bike

Pro’s of Vitoon Guest House

  • Laundry Service
  • Location –  Cannot get any better, directly at the entrance of the Historical Park
  • 2 minutes from the bus stop for buses going to Chiang Mai or Bangkok
  • Bedroom and Bathroom were great size and cleaned everyday
  • Bicycle and Moped hire available (The helmets are interesting…)

Oh but he is such a pretty lady…

Con’s of Vitoon Guest House

  • No WiFi
  • Noisy in the mornings due to the traffic entering the Park for sunrise
  • Hardest bed ever!

Marks out of 10:  7/10

Would we stay there again?

Maybe – The location was the absolute best in Old Sukhothai, however the Historical Park was easily reached on foot or short bicycle ride from many other Guesthouses and I think next time we will try Orchid Hibiscus Guesthouse, which is strongly recommended by our new friends Karsten and Simone or maybe Thai Thai Guesthouse if we have a little extra cash to splash.


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