Two Amateurs Become Six


Justin, Sean, Brandon, Daniele and Steve… not quite Hells Angels but as close as we could muster

Oh yeah, we made some friends! The title of this post was actually a quote from Sean on the day and it suits the time we spent on my new favourite mode of transport… MOPEDS!


Daniele, Brandon and Michelle

The additional four Amateurs were from the three-day trek and together with the Americans (Sean, Justin and Brandon) we planned to join Daniele (you actually can not pronounce his name without an Italian accent) on a journey to the highest peak in Thailand. After a bit of time calculation and the realisation of the guys deadlines we soon saw that the three-hour drive not to mention the three-hour drive back would have led to everyone missing their onward buses/ flights.

We decided to head east from the center of Chiang Mai on the road to San Kamphaeng to visit the Bor Sang Hot Springs… a few wrong turnings meant we arrived at our destination in little over an hour. Even though it was the Americans first proper voyage on a Moped, after leaving the busy city they sped off setting the pace for the rest of us.


Quail eggs cos I’m posh innit

We boiled some eggs, Daniele (the bravest out of the six of us) and I went for quail eggs, while Michelle (not so brave) went for the Chicken eggs the Americans didn’t like eggs altogether but did actually try some at the end (but not Sean as Justin threw it on the floor before he had a chance!)We stayed for a while, feet dipped into the warm sulphurous water that would have disguised the strongest of farts.

We inspected the mineral baths which actually were just bath tubs in separate cubicles (not in the cleanest of conditions) and decided to chance our arm and check out a local cave we saw a sign for on the way up instead.

We had been to a cave before (if you keep up to date with us you’ll know what I’m talking about) so I was hoping for something a little better and boy did it deliver!


Limbo was the only way in

Cave Muang On is a must see for anyone who goes to Chiang Mai. I was surprised there wasn’t much publicity for it and it wasn’t suggested to us by our guesthouse tourism desk which I think is quite strange. After paying an entrance fee of 20 Baht and 10 Baht here and there for parking as well as having the opportunity to rent a flash light for the cave (which was not needed at all). We headed into the cave and it got quite cavernous (surprisingly) from the fifth step to the point where you had to limbo underneath a low rock to continue down into the cave.  The first hall/cavern was long and quite impressive and to be honest I would have walked away quite satisfied but when we got to the end of the hall there were more stairs that led down into what looked like the scene from the Hobbit in the Orc cave (we saw the movie in Bangkok) and it lead on to an even larger space below the first impressive cavern.


First hall/cavern

The limestone had tags on some parts of the wall, one said Dinosaur others had different names, we failed to spot the dinosaur but reading up on the cave apparently it is there, a 250 million year old fossil that none of us managed to spot so do let us know if you see it yourself! The lower cavern had two sculptures of Buddha one sitting and one reclining, the story of the cave mentions that Buddha left a hair to the serpent-demon so that he could turn the cave into the shrine we saw today but I couldn’t see anywhere mentioning where Buddha’s hair was, I imagine a museum must have taken it for “Safe keeping” they have done this with every other important artifacts of the Wats we have visited thus far.


The view walking into the second cavern


The shrine under the sitting Buddha where people were praying

The cave was huge! Best picture to show just how big it was!

The cave was huge! Best picture to show just how big it was!

Unfortunately time had caught up with us and despite us all agreeing we could have spent a few hours extra in the cave, we knew we needed to leave so that the guys could all catch their buses/ flights onwards to their next destinations and leave us for the next couple of days to explore Chiang Mai for ourselves.


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