Tiger Woods Ya’ll

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom

After a lot of research and having met a few people who did the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, we decided to not go. From the pictures we saw it looked like the tigers were tied up and it all seemed to look on concrete. Not quite a natural habitat.

A girl we met told us of the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai and strongly recommended it. We did our research and decided to check it out.

The BMP (our digs in Chiang Mai) offered the service of taking us there and back in a whole package, the taxi would cost 600 Baht and would wait outside till we were done. A moped for the day would cost 200 Baht, 100 Baht on petrol and we would have it for 245 hours… It was a no brainer.

At the entrance your faced with a couple of questions.

What size of tiger did we want to see? The options were Smallest, Small, Medium and Large.

What combination of sizes of the tigers did we want to see? All four options would equate to 1500 Baht, then there were cheaper and smaller “packages”.

After a quick but very serious Q&A between the two of us we decided that we couldn’t actually tell the difference between small and Medium so opted to see the Smallest, Small and Big for 1260 Baht.


That is not “Smallest”

We decided that we would start small and work our way up through the sizes till we got to the ‘Big” Tigers. On first impressions everything looked pretty good,the tigers enclosures looked good… by a tigers standard, they had logs and tree’s to climb, places to drink, shade, everything looked good bar the fact they were not in the wild.

We started at the smallest. They were the size of a large dog and to me, not so small. There were five small tigers in the enclosure and two of them were asleep the whole time we were there. They said they didn’t dope them at the kingdom, I am no expert and did believe them but as we moved from closure to closure it was the same pattern just under half asleep the rest awake.

Michelle was a little more excited then he was

Michelle was a little more excited then he was


The big tigers were solid, just pure muscle


A Small (not smallest) Tiger just hanging out with us on a log

The experience at the Tiger Kingdom is a once in a life time experience. The workers were very informative and well-trained from what we could tell and would highly recommend a visit.

IMG_7419Now about the Woods that is in the title of this post. With the time that passes we get experience. Were still amateurs but by getting a Moped over the taxi not only did we save money but we bought freedom, with this freedom we went off to explore the local area, we found Mae-Sa Elephant Camp where we just missed out on seeing the start of a show (But plan to go back) but had an amazing view with our coffee. This is also where we found the Mae-Sa National Park where we walked through the woods along a ten tiered waterfall all unplanned but it’s these small little things that we will remember the most.


4 responses to “Tiger Woods Ya’ll

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  3. We went to the tiger temple in Kanchanaburi and it wasn’t worth it, the tigers were on chains and it was so touristy I couldn’t believe it, the tigers did not appear to be free or looked after by monks and I actually felt bad that I’d paid money to be part of it. I wish we had visited Chang Mai instead, your pictures look amazing!! Hope your enjoying your travels!

    • Thank you so much for that information Ruth, I hope anyone else who reads this post reads your comment as we heard the same thing. We would really recommend Chang Mai. Stay in touch!

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