Do’s and Dont’s of Chiang Mai

After only staying in Chiang Mai for 10 days (3 of which we were actually on a trek so not even in Chiang Mai) we are hardly the font of all knowledge on the city, however given my love of shopping and Steve’s love of food and drink we do have a few very important Do’s and Dont’s that we want to share with you.

In no particular order……


Do walk through the Saturday Walking Street, its full of great food and souvenirs at great prices very popular with the locals.

Sunday Walking Street
Sunday Walking Street

Do visit the Sunday Walking Street – This is by far the biggest market we visited in Thailand. A huge selection of clothing, stationery, household items, anything and everything you need and don’t need but really want!

Do visit the Blues Boy Bar in Kalare Night Bazaar – Great local band and the drinks are pretty cheap!

Muay Thai Boxing Match

Muay Thai Boxing Match

Do watch a Thai Boxing Match at Kalare Night Bazaar – It may not blow your mind but we had a good time!

Do eat at the food court in Kalare Night Bazaar – There is such a huge variety and it’s super cheap

Do get an Iced Wawee from Wawee Coffee! Its amazing and its a cool place to hang out for a while as they also have free WiFi

Do take a course at Thai Farm Cooking School, ask for Thurian – she was the best! (Read more here)

Thai Farm Cooking School

Thai Farm Cooking School

Do rent a moped and go exploring! (Read more here)

Do go on a two-day organised trek (Read more here)

Do stay near to the Old City, but you dont have to be within the city walls

Do visit Muang On Cave

Do try a Chocolate and Banana Roti (Pancake)

Do visit Tiger Kingdom (Read more here)


Don’t eat at Daddy’s Pizza (Kalare Night Bazaar) the service was really bad and the food was over priced

Don’t get a taxi to the Tiger Kingdom (rent a moped – there’s also Mae Sa Waterfall and the Elephant Camp around the corner)

Don’t cycle to Doi Suthep – unless you’re in training for a heptathlon, if you’re on a moped make sure you have a full tank!

Don’t go on a Three day organised trek

Don’t prioritise the Hot Springs if you’re only in town for a few days


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