Nong Khai – Mutmee Guesthouse

Mutmee Guesthouse is the perfect place to spend a few lazy days, catching up and recharging your batteries . Located directly on the Mekong River the atmosphere was so inviting that we hardly left the Guest House the whole entire time we were there. Also from here its a 5 min Tuk Tuk drive to the border where you can cross over the Friendship bridge into Vientiane (Laos).

Mutmee Guesthouses Relaxing Garden

Mutmee Guesthouses Relaxing Garden

Guesthouse Name and Address: Mutmee Guesthouse,1111/4 Kaeworawut Road, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand

Our 'Home' for a few days

Our ‘Home’ for a few days

Contact Details: Phone: +66 (0)42 460 717


Contact Name –  Julian (Owner)

Room Details: Double Room with fan and private outside bathroom with hot water

Our 'Romantic' Room with Mosquito net

Our ‘Romantic’ Room with Mosquito net

Outside Shower Room

Outside Shower Room

Outside Toilet

Outside Toilet

Price per night: For our own beautiful little hut we paid 380 Baht per night, however single rooms with shared bathrooms started from as low as 170 Baht. If you don’t mind being at one with nature then I would definitely recommend room number 7.

Extra Information: Mutmee Guesthouse had a really unique set up. They very rarely take bookings for rooms in advance unless maybe from loyal customers who have stayed with them before. Instead at 11am everyday there is a queue of guests arriving to wait and see if it is possible for them to get a room or not. If an existing customer decides at the last-minute to stay another night they would take priority over potential guests who had possibly been waiting for hours. Luckily due to my persistence we managed to get a booking in advance, also due to us getting a phone call with Julian (the owner). As well as this, another really interesting thing about Mutmee is that everybody just helps themselves to anything they want from the fridge or cupboards and each room has their own book in which they write everything they eat and drink within the Guesthouse throughout the day and they just pay when they check out, you write the food you want to order and pass it to the ladies in the kitchen and they deliver it to your table. Mutmee had a real family vibe and from all the people we had spoken to and conversations we had overheard most of the guests were staying for a second or third time.

Pro’s of Mutmee Guesthouse

After one month of travelling Thailand we were pretty exhausted (yeh it’s a hard life). Mutmee Guesthouse offered us the perfect retreat for a few days, allowing us to relax and recharge our batteries.

  • Free WiFi
  • Great Food
  • Warm and Friendly staff
  • Quiet, Secluded, Relaxing Atmosphere
  • New Age policies – writing down everything, pay before you leave
  • Lots of Lonely Planet books available for borrowing

Con’s of Mutmee Guesthouse

We really don’t have anything bad to say about Mutmee Guesthouse, but in the spirit of Pro’s and Con’s, these are a couple of things that might bother some people.

  • Laundry Service – You had to pay per item, which was a more expensive way of paying it
  • Pay for toilet roll – 10 baht

Marks out of 10:  9/10

Would we stay there again?

Yes – Definitely – Mutmee Guesthouse had a Yoga School attached to it offering 7 day training courses and we would be interested to check this out. If you’re looking for a party Nong Khai is not the place, but if you are looking for a relaxing few days then its a great place to visit and Mutmee Guesthouse would be the ideal place to stay.


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