*Update* Laos

As ever we’re running way behind on updating you all through the medium of WordPress on where we are and what we’ve been up to, my apologies. For the last ten days we have been taking a number of long and painful bus journey’s through the north of Laos; which is a story all in itself. We’ve changed our itinerary a few times along the way, spent over our budget once again and had quite a different experience altogether from neighbouring Thailand.


Victory Gate – Vientiane

We spent two days in the Capital City of Vientiane… which were more than enough in my opinion for this incredibly small city, so small in fact that the population is just under 200,000 people according to the GeoNames geographical database (Thanks  Google).


Tubing in Vang Vieng

We then got a notorious Laos bus to the even more notorious Vang Vieng where we spent four days “Tubing”, Kayaking, going into caves, hot air balloon watching, losing toe nails and watching… FRIENDS… yes we were for at least two of the days “inside the box backpackers” and we had a unashamedly great time.

Some monks checking the bridge was safe for us to cross - Luang Prabang

Some monks checking the bridge was safe for us to cross – Luang Prabang

Currently you could find us in a gorgeous little cafe called Delilah’s; on this note it’s probably worth mentioning that Laos was actually a French colony and if the French did leave anything of value to one of the poorest countries in the world its the ability to bake great bread, baguette’s, cakes to be precise and brew coffee and thus the Cafe’s in Laos so far have been way over anything I could have bargained for. An easier geographical location would be Luang Prabang. Here we regrettably followed the Lonely planets walking tour suggestion (more about this later), went to Kuang Si falls, explored the markets, over indulged in the food lane of the market! Went to some pretty decent cocktail/gastro/shisha/playgrounds called Dyen Sabai and Utopia and out of sheer drunken curiosity checked out the after hours bowling… We will write-up more in detail when we can.

Our next step is a night bus back to Vientiane for 8 hours… yes we planned our itinerary a little wrong. From Vientiane we then jump on another bus to Tha Khaek (Central Laos) which is only five hours long, stay for a day before we then jump on another bus and head south to the 4000 islands or what the locals call Si Phan Don. It’s here that we can expect a few days of chilling out and more likely recovering from the copious amount of bus journey’s we would have taken to get there…..backpacker crisis! Our expectations are that there isn’t much, if any Internet and so we thought we should just send out a quick update to keep you all “updated”.

There you go… an update.


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