Where have all the “Tubers” gone?

After our day of tubing (read here) and with the insatiable need to explore; we soon discovered the “Blue Lagoon” on another famously scale irrelevant hotel map. Having learnt our lesson (More than once) we asked the nice Australian man at our new digs, Jammee Guesthouse to double-check the directions.

“Across that Bridge”, He points out on the map “and follow this road around the back of Red Rock for 7K, get a bicycle, it’s easy enough”.



A smooth part of the road

… easy enough. Enough enough should have been spoken from the mouth of Lance Armstrong in possession of a dirt bike… with an engine. We however opted for the noble (if ever slightly cheaper) city bicycle.

The best way to describe our journey would be to inform you of the businesses that adorned the road… one place to eat and at least fifty tire repair shops. The road was made of rock and was at a slight incline. The jungle trek we took in Chiang Mai was smoother.


Lady with the monkey

The nice little old lady who owned the place found us amusing and not the first people to be in our situation. After we bought a drink and had a little chat to her about the baby monkey she rescued (We’ve heard the story before and read some awful things about captured Monkey’s. But the lady was very warm and kind and we reserved judgement) she suggested we leave our bikes with her and catch a Tuk Tuk… this was a great idea and one that had been practised by around four others as we soon saw in her “Bicycle Parking lot”.

The Blue Lagoon was not what we expected. Sure it was a lagoon and it was incredibly blue, beautifully so. But stepping out of the Tuk Tuk to a deep bass beat and seeing the hoards of people dancing, drinking, playing volleyball, swinging from ropes and jumping into the lagoon from a tree came as some what of a shock to us.

We had found the “Tubers”.


A pro actually diving off the tree… amateurs soon followed. Not us though.

It may not have been our cup of tea but with the right preparation anyone could enjoy the place, a family with strong swimming kids (Lagoons tend to be deep, this was no exception), could take a picnic and have a lovely day.

Boring farts like us could have taken a book and an adequate supply of sun cream and enjoyed the day as well, the Lagoon was beautiful (as with most things Vang Vieng related) and despite my grumbled report was well worth a visit, though take a Tuk Tuk on the other side of the bridge. If you are keen on the cycle then invest a little more and take the mountain bike option and take plenty of water with you.

And let us know if you make it there and what you thought!


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