Vang Vieng – Bountang Hotel

Bountang Hotel was situated smack bang in the middle of the Vang Vieng Backpacker area. The hotel is very close walking distance to all the restaurants/ bars showing endless Friends or Family Guy episodes and most importantly a 2 minute walk from where you pick up your tubes or kayaks. Our (my) first impressions of the hotel were not great after finding a cockroach in our room but the Manager was very friendly and allowed us to change rooms instantly with no fuss, despite him informing me that in Laos cockroaches are part of their 5 a day! (I might have slightly paraphrased here) The main attraction from this hotel is the views which were absolutely stunning and for $10 per night we would definitely recommend this place.

PhotoGrid_Feb 11, 2013, 10_03 AM
Hotel Name and Address: Bountang Hotel, Ban Vang Vieng, Vang Vieng District, Laos
Contact Details: Phone: +856 23 511 576
Email: info@bountanghotel.comRoom Details: Double Room with air con and en suite bathroom and balcony.

Price per night: We paid $10 per night for our room. Initially we had a room on the ground floor, however the best thing about this hotel is the view and therefore try to get one of the rooms on the top floor.

Pro’s of Bountang Hotel

  • Free WiFi
  • The View!
  • Upstairs, outside ‘lounge’
  • Price
  • Great location for activities (Tubing/ Kayaking)
  • Friendly Staff

Con’s of Bountang Hotel

  • The odd cockroach…. that’s it

Marks out of 10:  8/10

Would we stay there again?

Yes – The location was great for all the water activities and the multitude of restaurants screening Friends and Family Guy offering the odd Happy Shake and Happy Pizza, so if that’s you’re thing I would definitely recommend Bountang Hotel. We stayed in Vang Vieng for 4 nights, we spent 2 nights in Bountang Hotel and then moved to Jammee Guesthouse (we’ll blog about this soon) at the other end of the River, we would strongly suggest doing this if you have a few nights as you will be able to see much more of Vang Vieng.


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