Amateurism Number One

As our name suggests we are “Amateurs” when it comes to this backpacking game. Looking back over the last three months and from the giggles and laughs we get from the stories we tell others of mistakes we have made, we thought we would attempt a feature that we are going to call “AMATEURISM’S”.

A lot of our favourite bloggers have been travelling for a lot longer and have a lot of information… we can offer small little details that we over looked for you to either escape the same fate or just for a giggle. We don’t mind.

So without further a do; here is our very first “AMATEURISM”.


Tod… my hero… again…


We…. ok I (Steve) bought a few combination padlocks for my backpack. I found myself in one of those amazing Japanese shops where they sell everything you never knew existed let alone needed. After walking past the wig lane, then the Tupperware aisle and through the shoe department I found myself at the padlock section. They cost less than $1; I bought five…

The image above is of Tod; bless him. The picture is pretty self explanatory but as part of the healing process I will describe to you that Tod is sawing a padlock that changed its number combination whilst already locked, this is a feat that could be impressive if it was a magician that managed to escape from a straight jacket… but it wasn’t, it was a cheap padlock that changed its number mid-lock.

This also wasn’t the first time… there I feel better already.

MORAL OF THE STORY… Invest in decent padlocks. They protect your valuables from untrusties and if you buy cheap they may lose their trust in you as well.



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