Amateurism Number Two

For our second installment of Amateurisms we want to talk about train journey’s… one in particular that springs to mind is our voyage to “Hell Fire Pass” in Kanchanaburi. It was three hours long and the train was at 5.30am or 12.30pm… we opted for the spritely 5.30am option so that we had the maximum amount of time. We woke early and walked to the train station without a torch, this walk could have been an AMATEURISM in itself as the roads were pitch black but our day only got better… or worse. Depends whether your reading this or writing it.

So without further a do here is our second AMATEURISM!




In an exotic tropical destination? There during the “peak” season? Getting on a train at 5.00am in the morning? THEN YOU BETTER WRAP UP! The cold only intensified as we got faster… then we got higher… then we got exposed to all the elements (going along the side of a mountain with a huge drop to the other side), we were the winds to play with and we got played!

The icing on the cake for us wasn’t that Hell Fire Pass was closed after a three-hour COLD train journey, neither was it the fact the Thailand Tourism Authority confirmed that “Hell Fire Pass” was open… nor was it the prospect of the three hours we would have to endure on the way back (though it was much warmer at that point). It wasn’t even the fact that the one o’clock train was “delayed” till the actual three o’clock train turned up or the three hours we had to wait to find that out.

The icing on the cake was the journey itself, yes it was cold, yes it was dark, yes the place was actually closed when we got there despite the tourism board confirming it was open, it wasn’t that the train back was delayed a few more hours but the view was SPECTACULAR! Given the opportunity to live that day out again we would take it!… though it would have been good to see “Hell Fire Pass”.




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