Got Crabs?!

This is the only question you need to ask when you find yourself at the entrance to a restaurant in Kep, South Cambodia.

The town of Kep is a small sea-side town blah blah blah. This place is famous for its crab and that’s what I intend to write, inform and most importantly drool through the medium of memory over, the thought of the lunch, that feast we had in Kep. Lonely Planet recommends ‘Kim’ one of the restaurants at the other end of the actual crab market but as is sometimes always the case a little mention in the good book and things get a little expensive…

IMG_0732We took the crab eating into a whole investigation and interrogated each shop front on the size, weight and price of their famous crab and settled on a place that was a few doors down from the poisoned challis ‘Kim’; now it’s not through a lack of memory but a shortage of time that we didn’t actually notice the name of the restaurant.

The view of the sea was as good as any of the other similar restaurants that we decided not to dine at but when we were armed with nut crackers we knew we were in for a treat. Our investigation and thorough questioning of what we were to expect proved a stroke of genius with some of our other companions on the tour looking on in envy as our meal arrived.

The meal exceeded my expectations but to point out how good it was I should mention that before this crustationous feed Michelle was strongly against the idea of seafood, yet at the end of the meal, nut cracker in one hand and the biggest leg on the plate in another and a smile as big as a child on Christmas morning, Michelle had crossed the threshold from skeptic to full on seafood believing fanatic… if only I had stopped eating myself and took more pictures….


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