Update from the Philippines

I’m going to start with an apology… SORRY.

One of our Borneo adventures

One of our Borneo adventures

Our last post was way over a month ago, we’ve let you down; all four of you dedicated readers of our “online diary” (because “blog” is an awful word) and most importantly we’ve let ourselves down. Well… actually… no we haven’t we have just been a little too preoccupied. Read as HAVING A GREAT TIME! With a healthy side of poor/no internet.

We’ve just left Cambodia and are heading into Vietnam on our blog, I mean online diary and if you’ve liked our Facebook page you may be a little confused as the truth is we’re currently docked in Manila sitting out a storm. Yes we came to the Philippines on a whim, despite the fact we knew it was raining season, but that was off another whim that led us to Borneo (where we had the most adventurous two weeks of our trip so far!) and the two are so close we decided we couldn’t not go. I am so glad Michelle has learnt to stop booking things in advance or we would have lost so much money, we have changed our plans so many times!

The best new years on the planet!

The best New Years celebration on the planet!

After Vietnam we spent a month in the Thai Islands and celebrated Thai New Year with super soakers in Bangkok, we’ve travelled the peninsula of Malaysia, well the west side of it and most importantly my beard has found dizzy new heights in terms of length and the altitudes in which it kept my face warm! As for Michelle she is continuing to overcome just about every fear she had before we started this journey from insane heights to seafood, you would be proud.


Driving through central Vietnam on a MOTORBIKE!

But before we say much about all of the above our upcoming posts will be about our month in Vietnam and at this point of our journey one of our favourite places we’ve been to thus far.


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