Bucket List

A Bucket List… I thought we couldn’t get any more cliche after deciding to blog, then the idea for a bucket list came along… in no particular order:

1.Elephant Safari (We did this in Chiang Mai! Click here to read all about it)
2.Tiger Temple (Tick! Read more here)
3.Trek in the Himalaya’s
4.White water raft
5.Learn to surf
6.Learn Yoga/stay at a camp/Ashram (We did this in Siem Reap, Read more here)
7.Teach English somewhere
8.Ride some form of two wheeler through Vietnam
9.Celebrate Thai New Year with super soakers
10.See Angkor Wat (Done! You can read all about it here)
11.Ride on the Qinghai–Tibet Railway with the help of an oxygen mask
12.Ride the Bullet train in Japan
13.Walk the Great Wall of China… not all of it
14.Learn a Martial Art in the country of it’s origin
15.Visit the Orangutans
16.Have drinks with a Lady-Boy
17.Trek through the Indonesian jungle
18.See Giant Panda’s in China
19.Meet the full Terracotta Army
20.Eat and talk with a Monk or two
21.Tubing in Laos (Done! Read more here)
22.Sing Karaoke in Japan
23.See Tiger Leaping gorge
24.See a Japanese Noh (opera)
25.Try drinking Kopi Luwak (poo coffee) in Indonesia
26.Eat Jumping Shrimp in Thailand
27.Sumo Wrestle in Japan
28.Go to a Ping-Pong show
29.Go and see the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins in the 4000 Islands

Have we missed anything out? Let us know! We will no doubt add to this list as we travel and as and when we complete a task we’ll post it up!


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